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Neil started playing guitar at the age of 13. His famous cousin Howard Leese, taught him his first chords and he fell in love with guitar. At 15, during his summer break, he hung out at Cherokee Recording Studios, setting up microphones, getting coffee, getting take out food and learning recording from some of the greats. While being there for Roy Thomas Baker recording The Cars, Foreigner and Journey, he knew he was bitten by the bug and would get into recording and mixing someday. 

His band "Prodigy" became the house band at Gazzarris’ famous club on the Sunset Strip. Not long after that Neil and the band was signed to Mercury Records and toured the states for several year opening for “Manfred Mann”, “Y & T”, and Triumph.

Later, his two engineer friends, Greg Ladanyi (Jackson Brown, Toto) and Dusty Wakeman (Dwight Yokam, Lucinda Williams), guided him into recording and mixing. He then teamed up with Paul Sabu and co-wrote songs for films for Dino De Laurentiis and Chrysalis Records. After a few more years of recording and mixing and solo projects, he was then hired by Steve Vai to run his studio “The Mothership”. After building a portable recording rig for Steve and recording his year long tour, Steve hired Neil to record him for the album "Live at the Astoria", which earned him a Platinum record. He had the great privilege to record numerous well known acts at “The Mothership” including artists on Vai’s label “Favored Nations Records”, covering multiple genre’s including Acoustic, Folk, Metal, Rhythm and Blues and Hip Hop. One week could be recording the Yardbirds, and the next Eric Sardinas (Blues King). It provided a great place to work and experiment with all gear and recording techniques and he recorded 4 solo records there as well as surround mixes and mastering for Vai. Neil mixed a Steve Lukather-Larry Carlton live CD called "No Substitutions: Live in Osaka" which won a Neil a Grammy in 2002. This lead to working on movies including “That Thing You Do” (Tom Hanks), "Their Eyes Were Watching God" for Oprah Winfrey, “Ricki and the Flash” (Jonathan Demme) featuring Meryl Streep, on which he also personally coached Meryl on the guitar.

Currently, he owns his own own mixing room and continues to record, mix and master many major artists including the new Quiet Riot CD due out late April 2017.

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